Product Owner Salaries Across Europe

After writing the article about average salaries of Java developers earlier this month, we have been asked to create something similar for Product Owners as well.

If you are a Product Owner who is wondering about salaries in Europe this could be exactly what you are looking for. There is is a lot of different information available online so we have decided to do some research for you and used the average salaries from multiple sources. Below you can see a map with average salaries for Product Owners for different parts of Europe.  Continue reading

Top 6 Reasons Why Tech Talent Leaves Your Company

We talk on a daily basis with Developers, UX Designers, Product Owners across the globe and get to understand what it is that they are not happy with in their current company and what they are looking for in a new employer. Every single situation is individual, but over the years we have seen a pattern in why Tech Talent decides to leave their company. The majority of the reasons why they decide to leave are in your control, as an employer. So what can you do to keep your Tech Team happy?  Continue reading

Java Developer Salaries Across Europe

Are you a Java developer, thinking about moving somewhere in Europe but when it comes to salary …. you have absolutely no idea?

You are not the only one. We are receiving a lot of questions about average salary rates for Java Developers in Europe. As there is a lot of different information available on the web, we have done some research for you and used the average salaries of multiple sources. Find below our findings for different parts of Europe.  Continue reading